Writing an operating system in lisp

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Genera (operating system)

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Operating the Lisp Machine

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Genera (operating system)

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Submission Rules

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Oh, and LISP was claimed not to require an operating system and it had LISP hardware.

Scripting language

It was also claimed one would write an OS in APL (that would have been something to. of Common Lisp, then graft a compiler on at some later time. By the end of the year, I had written a storage management system, I/O system, interpreter, and various primitives in DG’s proprietary systems programming language.


At that point, several other people were hired on, the Spice Lisp compiler was brought in from CMU. This document was generated on 8 March using the texi2html translator version texi2html translator version A scripting language is usually interpreted from source code or bytecode.

Modern web browsers typically provide a language for writing extensions to the browser itself, Macro languages exposed to operating system or application components can serve as glue languages.

Demo releases are available through GitHub. These releases are designed to be run in VirtualBox, though QEMU is also supported. 2GB of RAM, a virtio-net NIC and an .

Writing an operating system in lisp
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