Writing a jofoc

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Thank you for your previous partnership. Procurement At-a-Glance - Our dedicated acquisition professionals deliver world class, customer-focused acquisition services with the highest degree of integrity and the cooperative effort of our partners.

Service Contract Reporting (SCR) - REMINDER -FAR SubpartService Contracts Inventory, requires service contractors with contracts containing either FAR clause or. A completed JOFOC must contain all of the applicable bolded headings in the order specified. Place the required information directly next to, or under, the applicable heading.

If a heading does not apply to a specific JOFOC, indicate “not applicable” (N/A) next to it. Refer to the sample of JOFOC for domestic contracting activities or the sample of JOFOC for contracting activities abroad for a description of the required information. c. Approvals: Refer to the sample of JOFOC for domestic contracting activities or the sample of JOFOC for contracting activities abroad for information on approval levels; these levels vary slightly.

A complete JOFOC must include the results of market research and, if applicable, the sources sought synopsis (see Chapter ) as part of the main body of the justification and not as an addendum. A LISTING OF SOURCES, IF ANY, THAT EXPRESSED, IN WRITING, AN INTEREST IN THE ACOUISITION: Three firms (ASM Affiliates, Reginald D Brown, and Epochs Past-West) responded to the synopsis but the Shoshone Paiute tribe had expressly stated that the only firm they are willing to utilize is the Walker Research group headed by Dr.



II. The Acquisition function – including the efforts of the enterprise-wide buying team – is the most powerful and underutilized lever in the Federal Government today for finding efficiencies and driving results.

Writing a jofoc
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