Syphone clv analysis

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The project is based on developing a marketing model for a fictitious small company named SyPhone which would help to analyze the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of a cell company such that it can decide whether it needs to offer large discounts to its customer to gain to large profits in the near future with massive customer Consultant at Simplus.

Use of languages Some groups entirely in Spanish:No Some groups entirely in Catalan:Yes Perform an analysis of the market and of competitive structures, and determine a strategic diagnosis for case SyPhone (CLV), Northern Aero (CLV) case Abcor Value in use pricing 3.

8. Models for evaluating business plans. Case SyPhone (CLV) By Arnaud De Bruyn. 1.

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Using the “ME XL/Customer Lifetime Value/Run Analysis” option in the menu, and a ; discount factor of 10%, answer the following questions: revenues, the top management of SyPhone has asked you to rerun the analysis with a discount factor of 35%.

Question 3.

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With a discount factor of 35%. Promotion and marketing campaign of SyPhone should be allocated more to the segments with rebate, since they yield higher growth in CLV.

According to table“Large accounts with rebate” segment is the most interesting segment since it gives highest percentage of CLV. Syphone-customer life time analysis.

August – December SyPhone Data: Customer Lifetime Value Analysis Project description• Developed a marketing model for a cell company called SyPhone to analyze customer lifetime value (CLV) using excel add on Marketing engineering (ME-XL)Industry: Higher Education.

The SyPhone case study uses the standard Customer Lifetime Value template (for more information, please refer to the CLV tutorial). SyPhone customers may be grouped into two segments: Large accounts represent contracts that cover between and cell phones.

RFM Analysis For Successful Customer Segmentation Syphone clv analysis
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