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Chemistry Project on Green Chemistry: Bio-Diesel and Bio-Petrol

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The Greens, Documentary

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20 big green ideas

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Snodgrass] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Until now, the green roof movement has been limited to large-scale, professional endeavors and public buildings.

But homeowners everywhere are catching onto the benefits of a green roof—water conservation. This life size Jenga project had been on my list for two years, since my husband and I played it at an outdoor bar and decided we needed a giant Jenga yard game set for our house, too.

Modern design, natural surrounds, urban convenience Inside and out, seamless living is the star of these impressive boutique homes. The intelligent architecture by award winning Nettleton Tribe creates an environment where everything is effortless. GLP Films is a full-service content marketing agency dedicated to authentic storytelling for the travel and outdoor industry and brands looking to tell their stories of sustainability.

Sinceour work has spanned over 30 countries and four continents, creating + authentic short-films. Your Next Green Project: Tax Refunds. You’re eco-friendly, you have an IRS tax refund check, and you want to invest it wisely.

Usually when people think of investments, they consider options like stocks and bonds, but when you have a mind for saving the planet, that investment takes on a different meaning: investing in our planet.

Green Living Project works with a wide variety of internationally recogizied certifications schemes which we propose, depending on the type of project, it´s scope and it´s performance objectives. Some of the certification schemes we work with are LEED, WELL, LBC & SITES.

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Green House Project: The Next Big Thing in Long-Term Care