Fire safty

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Fire Safety

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Fire safety

Learn how to effectively protect your loved ones and home from fires with these top tips provided by the American Red Cross. Download our fire safety resources here. Ninety percent of all fire-related deaths are due to home fires, which spread rapidly and can leave families as little as two minutes to escape once an alarm sounds.

Learn how to protect your family. NFPA offers free safety tip sheets on a variety of fire and life safety topics. Download, print and share these tip sheets to spread the word about fire safety. Some safety tips sheets can be customized with your organization's contact information.

Open the PDF and scroll down to the bottom of the tip sheet. Fire safety is addressed in specific OSHA standards for recordkeeping, general industry, shipyard employment, marine terminals, longshoring, gear certification, and construction.


Fire Safety

Hazards and Possible Solutions. Provides references that may aid in recognizing and evaluating hazards and possible solutions in the workplace.

Safety tip sheets

Fire Extinguisher Use and Fire Safety | OSHA Safety Training Videos & DVDsShop By Category · First Aid · Custom Banners · How It Works. Piper Fire - Tampa Bay and Clearwater Fire Protection Company.

Fire safty
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