Coachella music festival

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Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

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2018 Coachella Music Festival Latest News, Photos, and Videos

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See Who's Going to Coachella in Indio, CA! Kick off the summer festival season at Coachella, a world-class music and arts extravaganza that has expanded to take place over two weekends in April. Coachella attracts hundreds of thousands of revelers to Indio, California, each year for top-notch lineups featuring the hottest acts in the worl.

Our guide to Coachella covers all the latest festival news, interviews with the performers, music playlists and the live stream of the festival.

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Find event information, including the Coachella lineup, featured chefs, restaurants, and bartenders at this year's festival, Coachella parties, and more. Coachella (ko-CHEL-a, ko-a-CHEL-a) is a city in Riverside County, California; it is the easternmost city in the region collectively known as the Coachella Valley (or the Palm Springs area).

Coachella tickets for sale are typically available to purchase in the form of three-day passes for each respective weekend of the April music festival. Once you've determined whether you'd like to purchase Coachella weekend 1 tickets or Coachella weekend 2 tickets, click “Tickets” to browse all available listings for the weekend.

Coachella music festival
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Coachella Festival Marketing: What To Expect From Top Brands