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California Clean Energy Tour

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Site C Clean Energy Project

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The Integrated Test Center. You can find it by going around the backside of the Dry Fork Station, which is a coal-burning power plant outside Gillette in northeast even then, you may have a hard time spotting it without help.

The core of the project is a mile transmission line from the Quebec border to a major CMP substation in Lewiston. Much of that involves rebuilding in existing transmission line "corridors".

But CMP says about 54 miles would be new power line corridor from the border to West Forks. Find project documents and see results of the World Bank’s work on Energy.

Information about the World Bank’s development projects and programs on Energy. Find project documents and see results of the World Bank’s work on Energy.

We drive innovation in energy.

Toggle navigation. Who. Clean Energy Project, Inc. (CEP) is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to powering the clean energy economy through education and engagement with policy leaders, community leaders. Clean technology refers to any process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities.

Texas Clean Energy Project

Clean technology includes a broad range of technology related to recycling, renewable energy (wind power, solar power, biomass, hydropower, biofuels, etc.

Clean energy project
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