Carbonless paper

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Carbon Paper and Carbonless Paper

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Carbonless copy paper

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Part 1 is white, part 2 canary yellow, and part 3 is pink. About us Founded inwe are a National Distributor of office supplies, printer paper, labels and printer supplies. We offer over 60, items for all your office needs and ship all of our products directly from our 75 partner warehouses strategically located throughout the U.S.

Loose carbonless forms are a wonderful way to create a copy of an original, hand written document without the use of printers or copy machines. carbonless forms, or also known as Carbonless forms, transfers your writing to multiple sheets much like carbon forms in the past.

Sets, NCR Paper,Collated 2 Part (White, Canary), Letter Size Carbonless Paper Appleton. Laser Carbonless Paper Related article: How to use Carbonless Paper to make in-house forms.

Also available: Carbonless Paper for Inkjet Carbonless Invoices Laser Carbonless Paper: Forms On-Demand 2-part and 3-part carbonless paper is the modern day evolution of carbon copies.

Carbonless Paper type: 2-ply Paper weight: 13 lb. Length: ft Diameter: 3" Canary and white For use in Point of Sale (P.O.S), calculator and kitchen impact printers, sold separately Width: 2 .

Carbonless paper
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