Brand architecture

What is Brand Architecture?

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How to Develop Your Brand Architecture

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Expensify atrium and 'treehouses' (Garrett Rowland)BY BRIAN LIBBY. Dear readers, I feel like I owe you an apology. Here I am, passing myself off for the past 18 years or so as someone who knows and has experienced the best of Portland's architecture. We are process-driven architects.

We are looking for clients who care about how quality design enhances a company’s brand. Got a project? Give us a call.

Brand architecture is the structure of brands within an organizational entity. It is the way in which the brands within a company’s portfolio are related to, and differentiated from, one another.

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Address W. 24th Street 7th Floor New York, NY T. F. [email protected] Follow. Samsung America Headquarters The project includes a story office tower — inspired by the layered wafers of the company’s silicon conductor research — as well as an 8-story parking garage, a variety of employee amenities and landscaped green areas.

Infollowing an invited competition, PLP Architecture was commissioned to design the interior and develop the exterior for Sky Central - the main building of their West London campus.

Brand architecture
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