Attitudes to older workers

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Job Satisfaction and Work Attitudes

Our purpose of this study, therefore, was to explore some of these potential psychosocial barriers to the employment of older workers, specifically employees’ general attitudes about older people and perceived social pressure to work with their older counterparts. Assuming that highly educated workers are better equipped to acquire new skills to prevent their knowledge from becoming obsolete, we hypothesize that the higher the proportion of highly educated workers in an organization, the more positive the attitudes toward older workers will be (hypothesis 5).

Introduction. Today men on average retire at 63 and women at 62, and they can expect to spend 20 years in retirement. But if Americans continue to retire as early as they do today, many will not have adequate income once they stop working.

According to a qualitative study on ageing workers, it appears that attitudes have changed and are more positive towards older staff. Appreciation of older workers, investing in their ability and knowledge and seeing them as a valuable resource is likely to become a new trend in working life.

Managerial Attitudes Towards Older Workers 2 demand for older workers, the paper examines findings from a number of recent surveys of employer attitudes toward older workers, both in the U.S.

Employer experiences of recruiting, retaining and retraining older workers: qualitative research

and other countries.

Attitudes to older workers
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Project MUSE - Stereotyping Older Workers and Retirement: The Managers' Point of View